Residential Services

How Do You Define Home?

“What kind of home do you envision? What do you aspire to?”

At This Is Home Now Inc., our definition of the home reflects the unique life path of each person we support. That’s why the people we support are the voice in how their “home” is created.

Meeting Diverse Needs

Residential Services recognizes the diverse needs of our IDD community. That’s why our residential options include

  • 24/7 supervised group living situations
  • Apartment living, with or without roommates, with supervision based on each person’s capabilities
  • Opportunities for homeownership
  • Other self-directed arrangements for living with family, alone, or with roommates

An Overview of Three Residential Options

  • Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA)
    • Supervised IRAs offer 24-hour staff supervision for individuals who require oversight at all times
    • Supportive IRAs provide a safe environment with a minimum of supervision each morning and evening
  • Individual Supports & Services (ISS)
    • Offers a broad range of choice in apartment living
    • The individual’s name is on the lease
    • Provides opportunities for homeownership
    • Staff supervision is based on need
  • Shared Living
    • It offers a living arrangement in which a non-disabled person shares space with an individual with developmental disabilities.
    • Ideal for those who want the peace of mind that comes from having an additional source of support in their home

Before We Talk – We Listen To You!

  • Residential Services is interested in hearing from the individuals and families who seek our services. Upon hearing what an individual envisions as “home,” we never ask, “Can it be done?” Rather, we ask, “What do we need to do for this person to succeed and realize a dream?” And then we do it!
  • How do you define “home”? “What kind of home do you envision? What do you aspire to?” At This Is Home Now Inc., we provide a wide range of residential opportunities from 24/7 supervised settings to apartments and even homeownership.

How Do We Provide the Home You Want?

  • We understand the many, varied, unique challenges that individuals face.
  • We listen to the goals and dreams of individuals and their families.
  • Our supportive multi-disciplinary staff works as a team to provide a holistic approach to helping individuals realize their life plans.
  • Safety is considered with every decision.
  • We measure quality by the satisfaction and happiness of the individuals and families that we serve. Importantly, we excel in all state and federal standards for providing excellent service and care.